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Bang Away of Sirrah Crest

picture of dog
Registered Name: Bang Away of Sirrah Crest
Sire: Ursa Major Of Sirrah Crest
Dam: Verily Verily Of Sirrah Crest
Call Name:
Sex: male
Date of Birth: 17 FEB 1949
Date of Death: 9 JAN 1957
Land of Birth: USA
Land of Standing:
Colour: Flashy Fawn
Distinguishing Features:
Titles: Am Ch, SOM, LOM
Known Offspring:
Adina's Gold Coin
Apple Lane's Rambunctious Rascal
Apple Lane's X-Trey
Aquila's Lady Lou
Barmere's Major Domo
Barmere's Melissa
Barmere's Talisman
Barmere's Talullah
Barmere's Toastmaster
Barmere's Trollop
Barmere's Trouble Shooter
Baroque of Quality Hill
Barrage Of Quality Hill
Beaulaine's Band Leader
Beaulaine's Bonadea
Beaulaine's Misty Morn
Beaulaine's Parlay of Gezira
Big Time of Della Brooke
Bilger's Parade Away
Blaric's Gamboleer
Blaze Away of Chaparrel
Bon-Gay's Bangle Bang
Bongay's Buff Away
Bongay's Dash Away
Brayshaw's Mr Morgan Roberts
Bronze Devil of Jamer
Bustlin' Betsy of Blossomlea
Candlelite of Becrelen
Canyonair's Autumn Breeze
Canyonair's Autumn Glow
Canzonet's Society Belle
Cara Nome's Alhambra Dew
Caraway of Quality Hill
Carioca of Quality Hill
Chasmerla's Debutante
Chasmerla's Evening Star
Chat Away of Blossomlea
Cloudland's Jessica
Cloudland's Juliana
Copperlite of Becrelen
Delaware Valley's Luk-Ken-Nuf
Deneb of Jofra
Denebola of Jofra
Doree of Cross Acres
Dynamite of C Acres
Eldic's Beaux Belle
Eldic's Beaux Brite
Eroica's Bon Fils
Evo-Wen's Highbinder
Fan Dancer of Sirrah Crest
Fancy of Cross Acres
Fre-Mac's Go Bang
Fre-Mac's Mark Ye Well
Fre-Mac's Page Boy
Galano's Bing Bang Boom
Georginal's The Dazzler
Haco's Frolic
Halo of Twin Willows
Haviland's Gai Robin
Haviland's Storm-Away
Hazlyn's No Regrets
Hectic Acre's Loud Speaker
Helixview Noble Knight
Holiday Ranch's Stardust
I-Appeal of Galano
Jasmine of Avenel
Jered's Say So
Jered's Sh-Boom
Jered's Sky Siren
Jered's Sovereign
Kelly Red by Domino
Khorasan's Apache
Khorasan's Armed
Khorasan's Atomic
Kirsten of Tomira
Klondike Gold of Tomira
Lewgin Lane's Jorla Bang
Lewgin Lane's Rippling Rythem
Lewgin Lane's Whizz Bang
Lindenfelds Fancy Fair
Linnay's Bell Boy
Lisru's My Desire of Helixview
Live Oak's Gold Dust
Lorelaire Savoir Faire
Los Arobles Ding Dong
Los Arobles King Kong
Lottery's Charlotte Amalie
Lottery's Tortola
Lucky Blarney O'Downey
Markmor's Cappelaway
Marquam Hill's Comanche
Marwal's Sugar Ray
Marwal's Zippity-Aye
Meritaire's Fancy Free
Mill River's Bonne
Mill River's Top Bracket
Nantop's Cindilu of Chasmerla
Native Dancer of Galano
Naughty Lady of Wildwood
Peg Away of Amarillo
Regalaire's Flashaway
Ren-Roh's Jezabel
Ricochet of Ridgeway
Rie-Mac's Dorable Darlin
Rockmont's Glitter
Royal Rogue of Sirrah Crest
Rubia Morena Gonzalez
Ruda River's Happy Go Lucky
Russell's Apache Warrior
Sigro's Champagne Cocktail
Steeplechase Up And Away
Storybook's Jack Horner
Styercrest Bang-Appeal
Tabulator of Twin Willows
Treceder's High Falutin
Treceder's High Folly
Tucker Ho Allouette
Turner's Whizzaway
Van's Blithe Spirit
Wakefield's Bang Up Lassie
Wall-In's Teepee Talk
War Bonnet of Sunledge
Wileyfayes Flighty Flirt
Wo-Kan-Da's Strut N' Stuff
Worthy Way of Sirrah Crest
Break Away of Sirrah Crest
Mazelaine's Texas Ranger

Bang Away of Sirrah Crest

Ursa Major Of Sirrah Crest

Yobang Of Sirrah Crest

Duke Cronian
Madeira of Sirrah Crest
Umbra of Sirrah CrestWhirlaway of Mazelaine
Oracle of Sirrah Crest
Verily Verily Of Sirrah CrestXebony of Sirrah CrestNightcap of Sirrah Crest
Madcap of Sirrah Crest
Questa of Sirrah Crest

Kobang of Sirrah Crest
Ovation of Sirrah Crest